Keep Moving Your Fucking Fingers

In this post, I’m going to talk about how a project I was trying to do with two dudes I never met before totally failed. First I’ll start with my favorite way to learn to code and have fun and feel really content. If you’re learning web development you should check out freeCodeCamp. I really love their way of teaching, their aim is to get you to contribute to a non-profit foundation and eventually get a job as a developer. FCC doesn’t just teach you how to code, it also gives you a way to build a portfolio which you can show to future employers. FCC offers multiple certificates and in order to get these certificates, you have to do projects. For example, I’m working on a book trading app for the backend certificate. These are the user stories the app has to tick off:

  • User Story: I can view all books posted by every user.
  • User Story: I can add a new book.
  • User Story: I can update my settings to store my full name, city, and state.
  • User Story: I can propose a trade and wait for the other user to accept the trade.

It’s real good practice to build an app like this from scratch. So, that’s step one… Are you ready for the next level? I mean really ready… I mean dedicated as Trump… If you think you are ready for it read on… The next level I’m talking about is called Chingu Cohorts. It has its origin from FreeCodeCamp, it shares a similar goal and the community is just as motivated and filled with kind people. I think the people in this community are the coolest people on earth. Like I said, the goal of Chingu Cohorts is similar to FCC which is to learn how to code. The difference with FCC is instead of coding on your own you can collaborate with other aspiring devs. These devs are literally from all around the world. If you want to do a project with a few random people from random places you can sign up for a Build.To.Learn project and the Cohort sets you up with a team to collaborate with and create cool stuff.

With these two I got into web programming. That’s it. You can find hundreds of sites which teach coding, but none like this. Hands down the best. What you just read was an intro to what I really wanted to share with you… Read the rest of the article real careful, get your shit together, throw your phone out the window and focus. Right now I am part of the Walrus cohort, a cohort takes a little over a month. This one is a mix of part-time and full-ime coders, like always you can sign up for events and projects. The project I signed up for is called Build.To.Learn normally you sign up for a specific project like building a slack bot or a landing page or whatever, but this time it was a little different. The creator of Chingu Cohorts is always trying out new things to see what works best. This time the thing to build was not specified, it could be anything. This interested me so I applied, got assigned a group of two other coders, one from Greece and the other from Turkey. Awesome guys.

So what can we build…? We can build a fucking time machine, we are JavaScript ninjas! The problem wasn’t generating ideas, we had loads of weird ideas. But we did have a problem. We knew we had like a month to build a small app, so we’d better hurry, but that’s the thing with JavaScript you can build something really quick and share it with everyone. All you need is an internet connection, who doesn’t have that in the year 2017, right? Are you wondering what we decided to build? We decided on nothing… We screwed up. We wasted time on trying to come up with a project everybody would like, not just everybody in our group but everybody like in everybody on our planet. I struggle sometimes with thinking about what others might think of me when I share something. So, this project actually opened my eyes, I was reminded that taking action is more important than pleasing everybody. I know a lot of people aren’t going to care if I write about coding, most don’t even care whether I write at all. By this project, I got even more inspired to keep building and keep sharing and Keep moving my fucking fingers. If you are struggling with deciding what to build or just with starting in general… Hit me up.


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