Bearded Dragon Digest vol. 01

It’s amazing to see so much collaboration and discussions already in the very first week!

News + Random

A lot happened during this first week, we welcomed 42 coders! Out of them, 30 members wrote an intro story about themselves (if you haven’t yet, it is never too late). Later that same week we started with Pair-Programming, FCC Speedrun, Build-to-Learn and Accountability Buddies. Shout out to Chance Taken for setting it all up and good luck to all the teams!

Some awesome open project ideas:

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with an idea right away, your team should just get going, don’t focus on the details. I struggled with that on my last B2L project and wrote about the experience here.

HACKATHON!! @ranewallin put together a sign-up sheet to gauge interest in the ReactRiot hackathon. If you want to work with a remote dev team on a real world app and potentially win prizes, put your name on the signup sheet!

For anyone interested in trying out VS Code, (I know I am!) Scott Spence is going to write a medium post about it very soon.

Shout-Out & Showcase

Our friend @leofis received his Front End Development Certificate on Monday! @leofis received his Front End Dev Cert

Are @sandra-d and Scott Spence gonna have a bake off soon? Scott on the left VS. Sandra on the right

Check out @chiamaka, she is learning Redux on the beach!

@chiamaka on the beach

Check out Scott Spence’s logs from last week. He seems to be a JavaScript fan. If you want these awesome charts too, head over to WakaTime.

WakaTime statistics

Dragon of the week

The Chingu we want to set in the spotlight this week is @leofis. Leonard, at only 19 years old, is one of our youngest members. He has been part of freeCodeCamp for two years now, but didn’t have a lot of time to code while going to school, the gym, CrossFit and applying for College. His decision to switch from fitness trainer to coding will certainly pay off. Check out his Simon Game here.

Meme To Go

Bearded Dragon GIF

Do you have a funny meme or gif?? Shoot me a message!

That was it for this week! Have fun coding, learning and collaborating!


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